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Introducing a leading edge, non-surgical, safe and effective treatment for simple snoring - the Nightlase.


What is snoring?

Snoring occurs when the muscles and soft tissues at the back of the mouth relax during sleep and vibrate while breathing. It occurs in nearly every person at some time but it can be particularly loud and chronic in some people which can disturb sleeping and disrupt their partner’s sleep as well.

Common causes of snoring include obesity, alcohol, sedative drugs, pregnancy, swollen tonsils or adenoids, allergies causing nasal congestion, or even the sleep position.

If snoring is associated with recurrent episodes of airway obstruction, frequent wakening or daytime sleepiness, this may be an important condition called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is associated with heart disease and early death. If you suspect you have OSA, you should see a Sleep Medicine specialist who can diagnose and advise on the appropriate treatment options.

If you don’t have OSA, there are many options for simple snoring which include addressing simple things such as not drinking alcohol too close to bedtime, losing weight, stopping smoking and reducing the use of sedatives.

Snoring treatments include a number of simple or more complex and invasive devices to keep the airway open (ranging from nasal strips to splints), injecting the soft tissues of the palate with an agent to cause fibrosis or even surgery.  

Lasers have been used recently as a treatment for snoring and the results have been very encouraging.

What is laser snoring treatment (Nightlase)?

The Nightlase is a patented laser treatment that is a fast, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for simple snoring. It improves the quality of your sleep, breathing, alertness and intimacy. And don’t forget it improves your partners’ sleep as well!

Using a specially designed treatment protocol with a medical laser, the soft tissues of the airway at the back of the throat are gently heated in a controlled fashion. This causes collagen stimulation, tightening of the tissues that leads to opening of the airway and attenuation of the sound of snoring.

No anaesthetic is required for the treatment as patients typically experience minimal or no discomfort.

Why should I consider the NightLase Snoring Treatment?

The advantages of the Nightlase includes:

  • Safe, quick and comfortable to have done
  • No surgery or cutting
  • No discomfort during or after treatment
  • No anaesthesia required
  • No downtime, you go back to work and life immediately
  • No devices to be worn at night
  • Increases the quality of sleep and improves Breathing
  • Lessens the intensity and duration of snoring in 80 to 90% of patients
  • Highly successful, research proven and effective

How many treatments are required?

A full course of NightLase consists of three 30 minutes treatment sessions over a 6 to 12 week period.

The results of the treatment have been shown to last up to 2 years. 

When the patients or their partners notice the effects declining, another session of treatment can be performed again (usually 1 session 12-18 months after the first course).

Does it treat OSA or replace the CPAP machine?

At present, there is no evidence to show that Nightlase can replace CPAP for OSA.

Is the Nightlase covered by Medicare or private health insurance?

At present, the Nightlase is not covered by Medicare or private health fund.


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