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The use of cosmetic injectables such as
anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can and should be subtle and natural. Many of our new patients seek us out because they do not want the “frozen look” or big “duck lips”.

What sets
cosmetic MD apart from the many providers of cosmetic injectables is our approach.

We aim for a
completely natural look.

The best compliment our patients can get is that their loved ones or friends notice they’re looking fresher but they have no idea they’ve used injectables.

At your first consultation, we take the time to discuss your concerns, get to know your medical history, outline what we think we can achieve with our available treatments and see if we can meet (or exceed) your expectations, keeping in mind your budget and lifestyle.

Depending on your concerns, it may be more appropriate to have
active skin care, PRP, PDO threads, a bio-stimulator treatment, laser treatment or even surgery than (or in addition to) cosmetic injectables.


If you feel like you’re looking (but not necessarily feeling) tired, grumpy, sad or angry, or you feel like your face is sagging or deflated, then cosmetic injectables may be appropriate for you.

Depending on your circumstances, we can also combine
anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, PRP, PDO threads and Laser treatments to obtain the best results for your face.

The beautiful lady below illustrates the areas commonly addressed by cosmetic injectables.


Possible areas to use Botox

Potential uses for Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1 Forehead lines
2 Chronic headaches
3 Frown lines
4 Brow Lift
5 Crows feet
6 Bunny scrunch lines
7 Gummy Smile
8 Upper lip lines
9 Nose tip elevation
10 Chin crease / mental crease
11 Downwards pulling of corner of mouth
12 Jawline definition
13 Masseters / teeth grinding / bruxism / facial slimming
14 Neck bands
15 Sweating / hyperhidrosis


Possible areas to use dermal fillers

Potential Areas for Dermal Filler Injections

1 Forehead volume / contour / fine lines (could also use PDO threads)
2 Temples
3 Frown lines
4 Crows feet / brow lift
5 Tear Trough
6 Orbital rims
7 Nose profile / nose bridge / nose tip
8 Cheekbones / Cheeks
9 "Accordion" lines (could also use bio-stimulator injections or
PDO threads)
10 Nasolabial folds
11 Upper lip lines / perioral lines
12 Lips
13 Oral commissures / corner of mouth
14 "Marionette" folds
15 Chin contour and projection
16 Chin / Mental crease
17 Jawline definition
18 Necklace lines


To find out more about cosmetic injectables, please check our dedicated
Anti-Wrinkle Injections FAQ, Dermal Fillers FAQ, go to our Contact page to send cosmetic MD an email or call us to organise a consultation.

We regularly post Before and After Photos on our
Instagram page. Follow us to keep up with the latest at cosmetic MD


If you have had a treatment at cosmetic MD, you can download Post-Treatment Instructions here.
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